About Us: Your Vancouver Family Law Firm

Protect YOUR Rights with Our Help

Donald B. Phelps Law Corporation is dedicated to providing excellent service through our skilled and vigilant representation to protect YOUR rights. Our office has over 25 years of experience pertaining to family law matters, including custody and access disputes, asset division, spousal and child support, separation agreements, and common law relationships.

About Donald B. Phelps

Donald B. Phelps, our firm’s namesake, received his undergraduate degree from the University of Victoria and studied law at the University of British Columbia. He has practiced family law in British Columbia since 1974. Approximately 90% of our practice is in family law-related matters.

Our Firm’s Philosophy

Our firm operates under the philosophy that pragmatic solutions are best. If a favorable settlement can be successfully negotiated in a timely manner, that is usually the best possible outcome for our clients.

We have helped many clients through very difficult and upsetting circumstances. Understanding that family law matters are highly personal in their nature, we strive to save our clients time and money with our practical service.

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